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Do you get in trouble with completely uninstalling some software from your PC? How can you uninstall the application if you are not able to find it in Add or Remove Programs? What can you do if receiving errors during the uninstallation process? Before encountering such headachy problems, we all think it's very easy to uninstall a program from Windows Add or Remove Programs. Nowadays, the software becomes gigantic and bloated and it's more difficult for computer users to easily uninstall and completely remove the program. Failure to do so could lead to performance problems, computer errors and other unwanted issues. So it's very necessary to set up uninstallsupport.com and provide necessary uninstall tutorials for our computer users to easily and completely remove unneeded software.

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How to Uninstall & Remove Software Completely?

Generally speaking, uninstalling software is one of the easiest job that people can do on Windows platform. However, most of people do not have any idea when they can not find the software in the uninstall list. Some software want to make people use their software for a long time and do not want to be uninstalled from their computer, then they do not show up in the program list. In such situation, you can go to the program folder at C:\Program Files and run its uninstaller named as uninstall.exe or uninstall000.exe. If you are lucky enough and the software is not so stubborn, it's still possible for you to remove the software from your PC. If not, you need to manually delete those remnant registry items of the software in the registry and the program files on system folder. This registry editing is not recommended for people who did not receive any computer training before, for it's to risky.

Better Uninstall Option to Completely Uninstall a Software

If you do not know how to remove a stubborn software manually, it's better for you to resort to this powerful third-party uninstaller. What you need to do is to run the uninstaller and then select the software you want to uninstall. Then this uninstaller will automatically detect and remove all registry entries and program files in the system. Stubborn software like Kaspersky, Norton and Mcafee can be easily uninstalled and removed. With this powerful uninstaller, you can uninstall any software easily, safely and completely.

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